daire bracken and lorcan mac mathuna

30 word description

From Amergin to Ó Huiggín. A revolution in Irish traditional dance music with rhythms inspired by metres of Medieval Strict-Metre Gaelic poetry. A creation of Lorcán Mac Mathúna and Daire Bracken, Preab Meada was four years in composition, but over two thousand years in its creation.

80 word description

Preab meadar is something brand new in contemporary trad and Celtic music. 2000 years in the making, it is a sensational new dance music style of complex rhythms and deft and elaborate lyrics.

Made of unprecedented rhythms and singing style it owes its inception to early and medieval Celtic Literature, in particular to Gaelic strict-metre poetry of the medieval period 600AD - 1600AD.

The compositions of Daire Bracken and Lorcán Mac Mathúna are without precedent and have to be heard to be imagined.

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To put it plainly, preab meadarach is a metamorphosis from strict metre poetry into music. It is taking the complex metric rules of medieval Gaelic syllabic poetry and constructing compositional theory using the exact same metre.

Because strict metre poetry is syllabic, what you end up with is a complex rhythmic tune with a perfect lyrical fit. Every single note division has a corresponding syllable.
The patterns of Preab Meadarach are, similar to folk dance music, of strict repeating form. 






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