Samhradh (Deachnadh beag)

In poetic terms, the line of the Deachnadh Beag contains two feet; a tri syllabic followed by a di-syllabic; both with a stress on the first syllable, and a heavy stress on the final beat of the first foot. The musical corollary of this is a 5/8 signature with a compound of 3/8 and 2/4 with a notably stressed beat on the 3rd syllable and lesser stresses on the 1st, 4th, and 5th.

The author of this poem breaks from the penta-syllabic pattern in two verses and introduces a hexa-syllabic metre. Musically, the smooth simplicity of the 5/8 gets an added beat to become an infinitely more swaying metre of a jig. The shift is minute but the effect is transformative.