Dramatis Personae (Rannaigheacht Gairid)

The very earliest Gaelic writings appeared on the edges of sacred manuscripts. I imagine the early scribes, perhaps jaded by the painstaking work of the scriptorium, indulging in a creative flourish on the edges of his page or, perhaps recounting a fragment of a well known poem.

These fragments give us tantalising insights into the mundane and great of the time. Who was Aed mac Colgan and what connection did he have to Loch Dá Dámh?

 A popular metre for these early writings contained 24 syllables in total made up of 4 lines of 3 , 7, 7, and 7 syllables. It suggests an interesting compound of 3/8 and 4/8 variations.

it matters nothing to me,
when the friend who loved me lives no more,
who builds a wattle house
on the island of Loch Dá Dámh