how to get the album

Preabmeadar is now available to download. The physical CD is also available from this page

Our eponymous CD, Preabmeadar, was released on November 9th.

The physical album is available through our site
The album is available to downoad from both CDBaby
And itunes

Listen to a short excerpt of each track in the CDBaby player below.



The Story of the Cover image

The cover image on the album (pictured above) comes from an ancient manuscript that was uncovered in the Fadden Mór bog in Tipperary in July 2006.

It had lain buried in the bog for over 1200 years, and was restored by the National Museum of Ireland. In this process they discovered that the ink in the writing had helped to preserve the velum, and so we see words and letters animated from the ancient sheet. Similarly, animating ancient words and language is what Preab Meadar is all about.

Before being lost in the bog of Faddan Mór, the manuscript had travelled as far as Egypt and back to Ireland. We hope preabmeadar will take you on a similarly exciting journey of discovery