Daire Bracken

Daire Bracken composer, bi-lingual songwriter and fiddler. As a founding member of the successful bands Slide & Danú he has wowed audiences around the world with his exuberant creative playing and stage presence.

Hailing from a musical family close to the pulse of traditional music in Dublin afforded him great exposure, from a very young age, to some of the country’s finest musicians as they passed through the capital.

Absorbing these and many eclectic influences, this musical curiosity’s exploratory style has intrigued listeners and brought about many musical collaborations; from electronica to jazz, sean-nós to modern. 

A small portion of his resume includes tours with Stockton’s Wing, Púca, Salsa Celtica, Bray Vista, Hazel O’Connor, Eoghan & Aoife Scott, the Black Family, Ronan Pellen, Niamh Parsons and The Munnelly Band. He was also privileged to record and perform with the late Liam Clancy, Dia lena Anam. 

Recent projects include a rejuvenation and interpretation of Early Irish Poetry into music with Lorcán MacMathúna, documentaries, film soundtracks with Stellar Sound, fusion band Electric Céilí, an Irish language TV documentary sharing Irish fiddle music with Mongolian Morin Khuur players and collaboration with select artists from around the world for Globe the Show.

Lorcán Mac Mathúna

Lorcán Mac Mathúna is unlike any singer you have heard before. If what you know of traditional singing is based on the ballad boom and the typical trad band set up from the Bothy Band to Altan be prepared for a shock. A new wave of discovery, represented perhaps most recognisably by O Lionard and Fowlis, has brought a more ancient and unconstrained singing style to light and Mac Mathúna is "at the forefront of this new wave of traditional singers".

A modern singer with a foot in the contemporary world of extended technique and improvisation, and another in the ancient cadences of sean-nós. His compositions include major works for the UK city of Culture and a commemoration of the Battle of Clontarf for the Temple Bar trad fest.

A musical visionary, his projects and collaborations have included the Post-Celtic Avant-Garde Deep End of the Ford, Hiberno-Norse confluences, and work with improvising jazz musicians and contemporary composers